Can I Show My Fishing License on My Phone in New York in 2024?

In 2024, anglers in New York State have the convenient option of displaying their fishing licenses electronically using the official HuntFishNY mobile app. This app, developed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), provides a simple and accessible way for sportsmen and women to carry their licenses and privileges on their smartphones.
The HuntFishNY Mobile App
The HuntFishNY app offers a range of features that make it easier for anglers to enjoy their fishing experiences in New York. Some of the key features include:

– Instant mobile access to fishing licenses, privileges, and permits – Quick and easy submission of game harvest reports – Links to current year Freshwater Fishing Regulations Guides – Ability to search for waterbodies by name or view on a NYS map – Waterbody-specific fishing regulations, fish species, and stocking information – Fishing access information, including boat launches and parking areas – Navigation feature for driving directions to fishing access sites

Displaying Your Fishing License on Your Phone

To display your fishing license on your phone using the HuntFishNY app, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and log in with your existing DEC account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one within the app.
Once logged in, you’ll be able to view your current fishing license and privileges. The app will display your license information, including the license type, expiration date, and any associated privileges or permits.

It’s important to note that while you can display your fishing license electronically using the HuntFishNY app, you still need to carry your back tags and carcass tags with you while fishing. These tags must be mailed to you, and it’s recommended to allow 10 to 14 days for delivery.

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Advantages of Using the HuntFishNY App

Using the HuntFishNY app to display your fishing license offers several advantages:

– Convenience: You can easily access your license information on your smartphone, eliminating the need to carry a physical license – Reduced paperwork: The app allows you to report your game harvests electronically, streamlining the process – Useful information: The app provides valuable resources like fishing regulations, stocking information, and access site details – Environmental benefits: Using an electronic license helps reduce paper waste and contributes to a more sustainable fishing experience.

Purchasing a Fishing License in New York

If you need to purchase a fishing license in New York, there are several options available:

– Visit an official License Issuing Agent – Order over the phone – Order online through the DEC website

The cost of a fishing license varies depending on the type and duration. In 2024, the fees are as follows:

– Annual license (365 days): $25 for residents (ages 16-69), $5 for residents (ages 70 ), $50 for non-residents – 7-day license: $12 for residents, $28 for non-residents – 1-day license: $5 for residents, $10 for non-residents

Free or reduced-fee licenses are available for certain individuals, such as those with disabilities, veterans, and youth.

Fishing License Requirements in New York

In New York, most people aged 16 and older need a fishing license when fishing for freshwater fish species, frogs, or freshwater baitfish for personal use. However, there are some exceptions, such as:

– Fishing on a licensed fishing preserve – Fishing during designated Free Fishing Days – Fishing at a free learn to fish clinic – Resident landowners primarily engaged in farming, fishing on their own land – Farm fish pond license holders, fishing on waters covered by their license – Native Americans living and fishing on reservation land – Patients residing at qualifying U.S. Veterans Administration hospitals or facilities in New York State

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It’s important to note that while a New York State fishing license allows you to fish in most waters within the state, there are some border waters that require additional licenses or permits.
In conclusion, the HuntFishNY mobile app provides a convenient and eco-friendly way for anglers in New York to display their fishing licenses in 2024. With its range of features and resources, the app enhances the fishing experience and makes it easier for sportsmen and women to enjoy their favorite pastime.

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