Can SCVs Repair Protoss Units in StarCraft 2?

In the popular real-time strategy game StarCraft 2, players often wonder if Terran SCVs (Sustained Combat Vehicles) can repair Protoss units. The answer is both yes and no, depending on the specific unit in question.

Repairing Protoss Units

SCVs can repair a variety of Protoss units, but they can only target the unit’s hit points, not its shields. The list of Protoss units that SCVs can repair includes:

Warp Prism
Void Ray
Mothership Core

However, SCVs cannot repair Protoss structures, as they are not considered mechanical like Terran buildings.

Repairing Terran Units

SCVs can repair any mechanical Terran units and buildings, including other SCVs. This allows for effective repair and maintenance of Terran forces during battles and sieges.

Synergy with Medivacs

While SCVs can repair the hit points of Protoss mechanical units, they cannot repair the shields. This is where Terran Medivacs come into play. Medivacs can heal the biological Protoss units, such as Zealots, High Templars, and Dark Templars, effectively complementing the repair capabilities of SCVs.

In summary, SCVs can repair a wide range of Protoss mechanical units, but they cannot repair Protoss structures or shields. The combination of SCVs and Medivacs allows for effective repair and healing of both Protoss mechanical units and biological units in a cooperative play scenario.

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