Can the Triple Float Fishing Rod Be Repaired in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online, a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), offers various fishing rods for players to enhance their fishing experience. One such rod is the Triple Float Fishing Rod, which stands out for its ability to catch multiple fish at once. However, this unique feature comes with a significant drawback: the rod cannot be repaired, limiting its lifespan.

Obtaining the Triple Float Fishing Rod

The Triple Float Fishing Rod cannot be crafted like other fishing rods. Instead, it can only be obtained through specific quests. This rarity adds to its value, but it also means that players must be cautious with its usage.

Limitations of the Triple Float Fishing Rod

One of the primary concerns with the Triple Float Fishing Rod is its inability to be repaired. This limitation means that players must carefully manage their usage to maximize the rod’s lifespan. Additionally, the rod cannot be enhanced, which further restricts its potential.

Community Feedback and Suggestions

The Black Desert Online community has expressed concerns about the rod’s limitations. Many players feel that the rod needs a buff to make it more viable, particularly in comparison to other life skills that have received significant buffs. Some suggestions include increasing the experience bonus for active fishing and making the rod more accessible or repairable.

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