Can You Still Buy Reputation Levels in Sea of Thieves?

In the ever-evolving world of Sea of Thieves, players have long been able to purchase reputation levels from the mysterious Duke. However, with the recent Season 11 update, there have been some changes to this system that may surprise seasoned buccaneers.

The New Reputation Buying System

Prior to the update, players could freely purchase reputation levels from Duke, allowing them to quickly progress through the various trading companies. This was a popular method for those looking to unlock cosmetics and other rewards associated with higher reputation tiers.

However, with the introduction of Season 11, Rare has implemented a new restriction on this feature. Players can now only purchase one reputation level per faction per month. This means that if you want to boost your standing with the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, or Order of Souls, you’ll need to wait until the next monthly reset to make another purchase.

The Reasoning Behind the Change

The reasoning behind this change is likely to encourage players to engage more with the core gameplay loop of Sea of Thieves. By limiting the ability to simply buy your way to higher reputation levels, Rare is hoping to foster a greater sense of progression and achievement through player-driven activities, such as completing voyages, participating in world events, and selling valuable loot.

This shift aligns with the developer’s vision for Sea of Thieves as a game that rewards players for their time and effort, rather than allowing them to bypass core gameplay mechanics.

The Impact on Players

The new reputation buying system has had a mixed impact on the Sea of Thieves community. Some players appreciate the increased challenge and sense of accomplishment that comes with earning reputation the old-fashioned way. Others, however, are frustrated by the limited ability to purchase levels, particularly for trading companies that are not directly tied to the Pirate Legend progression, such as the Hunters Call.

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Ultimately, the success of this change will depend on how well Rare is able to balance the need for player progression with the desire to maintain a sense of challenge and engagement within the game.

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