Do Ben and Erin Napier really work on the houses?

What house does Ben and Erin live in?

Erin and Ben Napier, hosts of HGTV’s “Home Town,” tell the story of how they found their Craftsman Cottage in Laurel, Mississippi, and made it their own.

Do Ben and Erin Napier really work on the houses?

So, it makes sense that many viewers assume that Ben is the head carpenter on the two shows, but he’s actually not! Ben, along with his wife and Home Town co-host, Erin, revealed in a July 2021 interview on the “Biscuits & Jam” podcast, that Ben is not a contractor.

How much money does Ben and Erin Napier make?

Erin and Ben have a combined estimated net worth of $5 million, according to Exact Net Worth. The couple met in college when Erin was the design editor of the yearbook.

Do Ben and Erin really live in Laurel Mississippi?

Erin Napier and Ben Napier have become one of HGTV’s most popular couples with their hit show, Home Town. The pair are home improvement experts who live in the historic district of Laurel, Mississippi.

Can I hire Ben and Erin Napier?

The process is pretty simple if you’re interested in being on the show – just send an email to [email protected] That’s it! Well… not really, but it’s a darn good start.”May 8, 2018.

Is Home Town staged?

They use a lot of the couple’s existing furniture. Anything custom-made for a home is given to the family, but most of the staged items are taken back unless homeowners are willing to pay an extra fee. It may seem deceptive. But HGTV fans should know by now not to believe everything they see on renovation shows.

Is Erin on Home Town pregnant again?

No, Erin is not pregnant again, but it is true that she had a baby bump in the recently-aired episodes. This means that her second child with Ben was on the way during the new episodes.

How many homes have Erin and Ben Napier renovated?

“Erin and I have renovated more than 80 homes in Laurel for Home Town and we’ve seen how these improvements change a community for the better,” Ben said in a press release. “Now, with help from HGTV, we’re going to continue what we started and help more small towns across the country.”Nov 11, 2021.

Which HGTV shows are fake?

7 Reality Home Shows That Aren’t Real (& 7 We Think Are) 1 Think It’s Real: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. 2 Fake: Love It Or List It. 3 Think It’s Real: Hoarders. 4 Fake: Property Brothers. 5 Think It’s Real: Tiny Luxury. 6 Fake: Beachfront Bargain Hunt. 7 Think It’s Real: Flip Or Flop. 8 Fake: Fixer Upper.

Where does Erin Napier buy her clothes?

Good news: You can actually purchase her clothes! “I’ve donated lots of my clothes from seasons 1-4 of #HGTVHomeTown to @theremnantlaurel, a co-op shop with a purpose, so you can buy my gently worn wardrobe while helping women in need,” she shared on Instagram.

Did Ben from Home Town lose weight?

Ben Napier, host of HGTV’s Home Town, is known as “Big” to his wife and co-star, Erin. “I’ve lost 55 pounds since last year,” Ben tells “Over the course of season 3, I dropped about 35 pounds, so you’ll see it happening.”Jan 14, 2019.

What does Jesse Napier do for a living?

Jesse Napier – Shipping Coordinator – Morgan Brothers Millwork | LinkedIn.

Where does Erin Napier buy bedding?

Love something you saw on season four of Home Town? Erin and Ben Napier have you covered with the brand new collections in their shop, Laurel Mercantile, cleverly curated by episode.

Where are the Home Town houses in Laurel?

Laurel, Mississippi, The Small Town Where HGTV’s ‘Home Town’ is Filmed. Drive down the small-town streets of downtown Laurel, Mississippi and you’ll probably stumble upon quite a few houses that were remodeled with the help of Ben Napier and Erin Napier of the hit HGTV show Home Town.

Who are Ben Napier’s parents?

Get to Know ‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier’s Parents, Bennie and Wayne Napier.

Are Ben and Erin Napier still married?

Even after 13 years of marriage, Ben is still courting Erin. The couple is big into romance. In an interview with People, Erin revealed that she wakes up to a sweet surprise from Ben every morning.

How many children do Erin and Ben Napier have?

Erin Napier and Ben Napier share two daughters — Helen and Mae — and love showing their lives with the little ones on social media.

What religion is Ben and Erin?

As they navigate their lives in the spotlight, one thing they will always keep at the forefront of everything they do is their Christian faith. Ben, the son of two Methodist ministers, grew up in a religious household. After meeting Erin and tying the knot in 2008, the couple moved in together in Laurel, Mississippi.

Does Ben from Home Town have a brother?

Ben’s brothers, Sam, Tom and Jesse, have been there for them every step of the way, making cameos on the show and on social media.

Did the Napiers have their baby?

Erin Napier shared a new photo of her youngest daughter, Mae, on Instagram, as well as an update on how the baby is doing. Napier and her husband and “Home Town” costar, Ben Napier, 37, welcomed Mae back in May. They are also parents to another daughter, Helen, 3.

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