How Does Cannabis Legalization Impact U.S.-Canada Travel and Public Health?

As Canada geared up to legalize recreational cannabis on October 17, 2018, the U.S. Mission to Canada highlighted important considerations for travelers. Under United States federal law, cannabis remains a controlled substance. This has implications for Canadian citizens involved in the legal cannabis industry in Canada. If they travel to the U.S. for reasons unrelated to the cannabis industry, they will generally be admissible. However, entry may be denied if the purpose is related to the cannabis industry.

Legalization in Canada offers a unique perspective on public health. Legalization is seen as a necessary step to reduce health and social harms associated with cannabis use. This move aims to alleviate the criminal sanctions burden on cannabis users, potentially leading to positive public health outcomes.

An exploratory study assessed high-risk youth cannabis use profiles before and after Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis. This is particularly pertinent given the potential negative impacts of cannabis on the developing brain.

The legal cannabis market in Canada has evolved significantly in the first four years following legalization. Longitudinal data revealed changes in the operating status and location of legal cannabis stores across the country.

Despite legalization, issues of equity and reparations remain. Communities disproportionately targeted by previous cannabis laws may still face challenges. Notably, racial disparities in marijuana arrests in Toronto have been highlighted, revealing a need for more inclusive policies.

In terms of youth access to cannabis post-legalization, findings from the 2019 National Cannabis Survey indicated that 52% of cannabis users accessed it through legal sources, compared to 23% before legalization. This suggests a shift in how cannabis is obtained in the post-legalization era.

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Economically, legalization in Canada could increase tax revenue and reduce expenditure on prohibition enforcement. This editorial overview suggests potential economic, social, and public health impacts of legal marijuana in Canada.

Cannabis Legalization in Canada

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