How Does Florida’s Recent Legislation Impact Recreational Marijuana Use?

Florida has been active in legislating various aspects of marijuana use, both recreational and medical. Understanding these changes is crucial for residents and stakeholders.

Senate Bill 1576, introduced in 2023, marks a significant change in the state’s stance towards recreational marijuana. This bill establishes the Division of Cannabis Management under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It notably authorizes individuals aged 21 and over to partake in certain marijuana-related activities and sets the groundwork for licensing marijuana establishments.

Similarly, House Bill 291 from 2021 and House Bill 467 from 2022 also focus on the legalization of recreational marijuana. Both bills authorize persons aged 21 and over to engage in specific activities involving personal use of marijuana in limited amounts. They also address the licensure of marijuana establishments and impose limits on their numbers in localities.

Chapter 381 Section 986 of the 2021 Florida Statutes delineates the regulations for medical marijuana. This section clarifies the amounts of marijuana and delivery devices that qualified patients and caregivers can purchase for medical use, as per a physician’s certification.

Senate Bill 1696, passed in 2022, further discusses adult use of marijuana. This legislation prohibits the use of false identification by individuals under 21 for activities related to recreational marijuana and exempts certain activities involving marijuana from penalization.

The Florida Board of Medicine has also updated its practice standards related to the smoking of medical marijuana. Since July 2021, all physicians authorized to issue certifications for medical marijuana smoking must comply with these new standards.

The Florida Department of Health and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have issued advisories, especially during events like Halloween, to ensure public safety and awareness regarding marijuana use. This includes cautioning against products that may resemble gummies or chocolates but contain CBD or other cannabis-related substances.

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Senate Bill 182 from 2019 redefined the term “marijuana delivery device,” allowing for the purchase of such devices from sources other than medical marijuana treatment centers if intended for medical use.

Understanding these legislative changes is key for Floridians to navigate the evolving landscape of marijuana usage in the state.

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