How Is President Biden Changing Federal Marijuana Policies?

President Biden has announced significant changes to federal marijuana policies. The first major step is the pardon of all prior federal offenses for simple possession of marijuana. This shift in approach reflects a growing disparity between federal and state-level marijuana policies.

Georgia’s stance on marijuana, particularly medical marijuana, differs significantly from other states. In Georgia, growing, possessing, and smoking marijuana remain criminal offenses, leading to fines and imprisonment. The state’s law is notably more limited, not legalizing the sale or possession of marijuana in leaf form, with strict regulations around low THC oil.

At the federal level, appropriations acts like the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2023 have included provisions to prevent the Department of Justice from acting against states implementing medical marijuana laws. However, despite such riders, marijuana remains a contentious issue at the federal level, with the DEA still classifying it as a mind-altering psychoactive drug with addiction potential.

Recent developments include state ballot initiatives and federal legislation aimed at expanding the scope of marijuana and CBD research and use. For instance, Rhode Island recently passed the Rhode Island Cannabis Act, allowing the legal sale and possession of cannabis for individuals over 21.

The contrast between state and federal policies on medical marijuana creates a complex landscape, with ongoing debates and legal challenges. These developments signal a shift in how marijuana is perceived and regulated across the United States.

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