How do I determine what size dehumidifier I need?

Other Factors in Choosing Dehumidifier Size If your home is in a humid climate, add 10 pints to the recommended capacity. If multiple people live or spend time in the room, add 5 pints. If the room has multiple windows or doors, add 5 pints. If a washer/dryer is in or near the room, add 5 pints.

How many dehumidifiers do I need calculator?

To determine the number of dehumidifiers that are required, divide the number of pints required to dry the space and then divide by your dehumidifier capacity (if you do not the AHAM rating of your dehumidifier, check the manufacturers website). The result of this calculation represents the number of machines needed.

How big of a dehumidifier do I need for 1500 square feet?

30-Pint Dehumidifier – This is the size recommended for areas up to 1500 square feet, regardless of how damp the area is. That means it will be appropriate for most residential basements.

What size dehumidifier do I need for 800 square feet?

If your basement is 800 square feet, and moderately damp, a small unit that removes between 50 and 70 pints is ideal. Even in extremely damp basements of this size, only about 23 pints of moisture need to be removed to keep the area dry.

What size dehumidifier do I need for 500 square feet?

For a very damp basement or other space, it might be necessary to increase the size of the dehumidifier to efficiently remove the increased level of moisture from the air. Choose a dehumidifier that holds 12 pints of water for a 500-square-foot space, adding 5 pints for every additional 500 square feet.

Can you get too big of a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier too big for your room or space can either be useful by reducing electricity consumption and noise or inefficient and inconvenient by causing higher power usage, more noise and excessive dryness. This depends on duration of operation, target humidity and automaticity of unit.

What do the numbers on a dehumidifier mean?

Dehumidifiers are rated according to pint capacity, which refers to how many pints of water it is capable of removing from the air in a 24 hour period (actual water removal per day will vary with the temperature and relative humidity level of the room).

How many square feet does a 25 pint dehumidifier cover?

AHAM Dehumidifier Capacity Table Humidity Levels: 300 sq ft space 60-70% Humidity (Occasional musty smell) 30 Pint (Old Standard) 20 Pint (New Standard) 70-80% Humidity (Wet spots on walls or floor) 40 Pint (Old Standard) 25 Pint (New Standard).

How do you size a whole house dehumidifier?

To find the right size dehumidifier for your entire house you have to calculate the square footage of the area. A 70-pint dehumidifier can cover 3,800 square feet. With every 400 feet added to area, add 30 pint to the dehumidifier. This also depends on the moisture removal requirement of the home.

How many square feet does a 22 pint dehumidifier cover?

A Quick Heads Up Vremi Dehumidifier 22 Pint Vremi Dehumidifier 50 Pint Max. Area Coverage 1,500 sq ft 4,500 sq ft Water Tank Capacity 1 gallon 1.8 gallon Dimensions 16.1 x 10.4 x 19.9 inches 16.6 x 11 x 24.3 inches Product Weight 33.1 pounds 41.6 pounds.

Can 1 dehumidifier work for a whole house?

Can one dehumidifier do a whole house? Yes, of course. But for a dehumidifier to serve a whole house, it must be the whole house dehumidifier type. As earlier said, these units are able to serve up to 5000sqft or more, which is around the typical size of most homes today.

Is a bigger dehumidifier better?

Your standard dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air in your home, but the size you need depends upon the size of the space in question. A model that’s too small for your space may hardly make a dent in the moist air, while one that’s too large may make the air excessively dry.

Should I run my dehumidifier on low medium or high?

1. What level should I set my dehumidifier at in my basement? To get the maximum comfort and benefit from your dehumidifier the humidity level should be set at 30 – 50%. If the humidity level is too high, over 50%, it can make mold start to grow or bring existing mold out of hibernation, which isn’t healthy.

What humidity should I set my dehumidifier to?

Putting Your Dehumidifier to Work Here’s expert advice, from CR and Energy Star, on getting the most from your dehumidifier. Set the humidity level. The optimal relative humidity level is between 30 and 50 percent, according to Energy Star (and 30 to 40 percent in colder areas during heating season).

Whats the best dehumidifier for a basement?

Best Overall Dehumidifier: Frigidaire High Humidity 50-Pint Capacity Dehumidifier. Best Value Dehumidifier: Frigidaire Low Humidity 22-Pint Capacity Dehumidifier. Best Dehumidifier for Basements: LG PuriCare 50-Pint Clear Bucket Dehumidifier. Best Dehumidifier with Pump: GE 45-Pint Dehumidifier.

Is a 50 pint dehumidifier enough for basement?

40 to 50-Pint Dehumidifiers They are ideal for a damp basement or room, with clear indications of excess moisture, such as visible mold growth, damp stains, and musty odors.

What size dehumidifier do I need for bathroom?

We’ve found that a 30-pint dehumidifier is an excellent size for most bathrooms. They generally have a reasonably-sized tank and even a continuous drain option.

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