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how much does a quad of weed cost

Weed Measurements Guide: Marijuana Quantities, Weights & Prices

What is a ‘quad’ of weed, and how much does it cost? – Quora

A “quad”, as it is know on the streets, is 7 grams of marijuana. Just as any amount, marijuana prices vary on location. In most places however, it costs about …

Quads/AAAA Quality Weed from CannaWholesalers | DispensaryGTA

Ounce – Urban Dictionary

2.2×16 = 35.2 Ounces 35.2 Ounces = 985.6 Grams of Marijuana Rough Cost = A … Standard prices should start with $15-20/gram, $50-60/8th, $100-115/quad, …

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