How Much Does Infinix Hot 7 Screen Replacement Cost in Nigeria?

When it comes to replacing the screen of your Infinix Hot 7 in Nigeria, several factors influence the cost. These include the type of screen, whether it is an original or replacement screen, and the repair cost. Here is a breakdown of the prices you can expect to pay:

Original Screen Replacement

For an original screen replacement, the price can range from ₦ 13,000 to ₦ 75,000, depending on the seller and the quality of the screen.

Replacement Screen Options

Replacement screens are also available, with prices starting from ₦ 10,290 for a 5-piece front screen outer glass lens to ₦ 82,000 for a full LCD screen and digitizer assembly.

Repair Costs

In addition to the cost of the screen, you will also need to factor in the repair cost. This can vary depending on the repair service you choose and the complexity of the repair.

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