Oscilloscope calibration is essential for ensuring accurate measurements and reliable results. The cost of calibration can vary depending on the manufacturer, the oscilloscope’s bandwidth and channels, and the type of calibration service required. Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs for oscilloscope calibration:

Manufacturer-Specific Calibration Costs

TEKTRONIX: Standard calibration starts at $135
TEST PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL: Standard calibration costs $80
YOKOGAWA: Standard calibration is priced at $185

These prices are for standard calibration services and may vary depending on the specific model and additional services required.

General Oscilloscope Calibration Costs

Custom Calibration Solutions, LLC: Prices range from $40 to $1,025 for oscilloscope calibration and repair service
Adafruit Forum: Calibration can cost $100 and up, plus shipping, unless there’s a nearby shop
Tektronix: Provides high-quality, single-source oscilloscope calibration services at competitive costs for all manufacturers
Emona Instruments: Oscilloscope calibrations start at $181.50 (AUD) for up to 20MHz, 2-channel oscilloscopes

The cost of calibration can also depend on the service level, such as standard or accredited calibration, and the delivery options, including local pickup and delivery, periodic onsite, or permanent onsite calibration.

It’s important to note that for hobbyist projects, a professional calibration may not be necessary, and comparison measurements can be sufficient. However, for critical applications or to ensure compliance with industry standards, regular calibration is recommended to maintain the accuracy and reliability of your oscilloscope.

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