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dubsack – Urban Dictionary

1. (n) A twenty-dollar bag of marijuana. 2. (adj.) Really awesome, good, cool, or just something you throw in with other words as a way of showing how excited …

What is a 'dub' of weed? - Quora

Dub – Urban Dictionary

A Dirty South Killas word: Slang for Marijuana; d-u-b is b-u-d spelled backwards. Smoke some dub. by other_guy February 06, 2004.

What is a dime, key or dub of weed? - MSNL Blog

20 bag – Urban Dictionary

A 20 bag is $20 worth of weed, depending on area, and tiem of year, the actual weigth will vary. … 20 ounce of weed or dub of weed.

What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key? | High Times

What is a ‘dub’ of weed? – Quora

A “dub” is the typical slang term for 20. So, a dub of weed is a 20 sack or bag of marijuana. Now, depending on where you live, that dub can vary greatly in …

What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key? | High Times

dub meaning urban dictionary

420-date-marijuana. Twitter is a free microbloging or social messaging tool that lets you stay connected to people through tweets, a Twitter-specific post that …

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Marijuana Slang | Ganjapreneur

Ganja Vocabulary. The ultimate guide to cannabis terminology and slang terms. We are compiling an open source dictionary of every cannabis-related term and …

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