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how much weed can you get for 40 dollars

Got this much of weed for 40 dollars. Did I get enough?: trees

On this day and time, how much weed can you get for $40? – Quora

Well a quarter is 7 grams so it depends on how much you’re being charged per gram. So for 10/g it would be 70 but it could go up to 105 for 15/g but you should …

How much does weed cost: grams, quarters, ounces and pounds, Know What You  should be Paying -

Medical Marijuana Sizes and Prices

How Much Marijuana Should I Buy? · One Gram: $7-$20 · Eighth: $30-$60 · Quarter: $50-$120 · Half Ounce: $100-$225 · Ounce: $170-$375 …

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