How to Find and Repair Damaged Frigates in No Man’s Sky

When exploring the vast galaxy in No Man’s Sky, managing your fleet of frigates is crucial for success. However, damaged frigates can hinder your progress. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find and repair damaged frigates in No Man’s Sky.

Locating Damaged Frigates

To find damaged frigates, you can use the “Manage Frigates” menu on your freighter. This menu will show you the location of all your frigates, including those that are damaged. Alternatively, you can look for red frigate icons on your map, which indicate damaged frigates.

Repairing Damaged Frigates

To repair a damaged frigate, follow these steps:

1. Land on the damaged frigate.

2. Find the broken stations on the frigate. Each frigate has a unique layout, so you may need to explore to locate the damaged areas.

3. Use resources to fix the damaged stations. You will need materials like silver and gold, which can be obtained by shooting meteors.

4. Once you have repaired all the damaged stations, return to the command module and inspect the damage report to ensure all repairs are complete.

Tips and Tricks

To avoid damaging frigates, make sure to send them on missions that match their profile (e.g., industrial frigates on industrial missions). This will minimize the risk of damage.

If you encounter issues where damaged stations do not show up, try ignoring the damage and then inspecting the damage report again. This may resolve the issue.

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