Is Cannabis a Viable Medical Option for Pain and Nausea Relief?


Is Cannabis a Viable Medical Option for Pain and Nausea Relief?

While cannabis has been hailed for its potential health benefits, there is still a question mark over its efficacy and safety, particularly in certain demographics. For instance, a study from The University of New Mexico showed immediate relief from nausea post-cannabis consumption, suggesting benefits in this area. However, the relief varied depending on the product used.

Further, Johnson & Wales University listed potential health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and reduced inflammation, referencing a 2017 study by JCI Insight. Pain management is another commonly cited benefit, with many Americans turning to cannabinoids for relief. Yet, Harvard Health raises the possibility of a placebo effect, where the belief in cannabis’s efficacy may influence pain perception, rather than an actual pharmacological action.

Medical cannabis has found its way into various delivery methods, including edibles and topicals. But, despite the widespread usage and anecdotal evidence, the scientific community points to a need for rigorous testing to confirm safety and effectiveness due to historical production and governmental restrictions.

Harvard experts have indicated that while there are benefits for some conditions, others may not see the same results, and there are risks, particularly for those over 55. Concerns include potential drug interactions with CBD, as noted by Harvard Health, and the inhalation of toxins similar to those found in cigarette smoke, which may impact heart health.

The stigma around cannabis use is diminishing, especially among older adults, as reported by Harvard Health. Nevertheless, the medical community remains cautious. Harvard’s Alvin Powell emphasizes the paradox of widespread public use versus limited scientific evidence on marijuana’s safe use and addiction potential.

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Thus, while the therapeutic potential of cannabis is intriguing, its application as a medical solution carries with it an element of uncertainty that warrants further investigation.

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