Is Cannabis a Viable Treatment for Migraines and Cognitive Health?


In recent developments, researchers at UC San Diego Health are investigating the potential of cannabis as a treatment for migraines. This groundbreaking study is the first known randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial in this domain. With about 20 participants, including one named Knigge, the trial aims to explore new avenues in migraine management UC San Diego Health.

However, long-term cannabis use raises concerns, especially regarding cognitive health. A Harvard Health study indicates that long-term cannabis users experience an average decline of 5.5 IQ points from childhood. This decline correlates with the frequency of cannabis use, suggesting a potential link between prolonged usage and cognitive impairment Harvard Health.

Interestingly, a Stanford University School of Medicine study reveals a dual nature of a marijuana-like brain substance, 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). While it offers relief during epileptic seizures, the research hints at complexities in the brain’s response to such substances Stanford University School of Medicine.

The discussion around cannabis is not without its doubts, especially when considering withdrawal symptoms. Aggression, anxiety, insomnia, and other physical symptoms highlight the challenges faced by individuals trying to reduce or cease cannabis use Harvard Health.

Is Cannabis a Viable Treatment for Migraines and Cognitive Health?

On the flip side, the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research highlights CBD’s potential in reducing inflammation and neuropathic pain. Additionally, a 2018 study suggests CBD could aid in preventing relapse in drug and alcohol addiction Johnson & Wales University.

The legal distinction between marijuana and hemp is based on THC content. This difference is crucial in understanding the varying effects and potential therapeutic uses of cannabis Harvard Health.

Furthermore, medical marijuana shows promise in treating conditions like HIV-associated pain and Crohn’s disease, although more research is needed for conclusive evidence Harvard Health.

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Finally, marijuana withdrawal syndrome (MWS) is an aspect that warrants attention. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and physical discomfort like headaches, challenge the narrative of marijuana being a benign substance Ohio State University.

The impact of marijuana on memory and cognitive function remains a subject of debate. While it may alleviate anxiety, the short-term cognitive impairments cannot be overlooked Harvard Health.

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