Is Cannabis Beneficial for Health or a Source of Risk?


The debate on whether cannabis can be an effective agent for relieving pain is ongoing, with sources like Harvard Health suggesting that there might be benefits. Yet, the impact of cannabis on the heart raises concerns, as it may cause a faster heartbeat and elevated blood pressure, which could be harmful, particularly for those with existing heart conditions. These findings suggest a potential risk of heart attack shortly after consumption.

While some consumers use cannabis for its immediate relief from symptoms such as nausea, there’s a flip side to consider. Serious withdrawal symptoms have been reported, which can include a range of physical and emotional reactions from aggression to abdominal pain. This raises the question: Is the risk of withdrawal symptoms worth the potential relief provided?

The diverse delivery methods for medical cannabis, including gummies, pills, and lotions, make it accessible, but it also brings the risk of misuse, especially when considering the attractiveness of certain edibles. The question of whether cannabis should be made palatable remains contentious, as making it taste good could potentially lead to overconsumption.

Despite the historical use of cannabis dating back 6,000 years, its modern-day implications for health and wellness are still under scrutiny. The compound CBD, found in cannabis, has been acknowledged by the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research for its anti-inflammatory properties and its role in reducing neuropathic pain. However, could there be a downside that we are yet to fully understand?

Understanding the nuances of cannabis use and its effects is vital, and it’s important to consult reliable medical sources. The complexity of cannabis’s impact on health – both beneficial and potentially harmful – suggests that further research and a cautious approach are prudent.

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Is Cannabis Beneficial for Health or a Source of Risk?

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