Is Cannabis Beneficial or Harmful? Exploring the Health Impacts


Is Cannabis Beneficial or Harmful? Exploring the Health Impacts

The debate on the health impacts of cannabis is ongoing, with studies indicating both potential benefits and risks. For instance, Johnson & Wales University outlines seven potential health benefits of cannabis, which include its use in reducing inflammation and neuropathic pain, as stated by the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.

However, there are also concerns about the withdrawal symptoms associated with cannabis use, such as aggression, anxiety, and insomnia, among others, as detailed by Harvard Health. Such symptoms raise questions about the challenges individuals face when reducing or ceasing cannabis use.

From a legal standpoint, Johns Hopkins delves into the risks and benefits of legalized cannabis, noting the complexities as societal norms and available products change. Meanwhile, another piece from Harvard Health examines whether cannabis truly relieves pain or if the effects could be attributed to a placebo effect.

The use of cannabis for constipation relief has been explored by Harvard Health, with dietary fiber being a recommended first step. Additionally, Harvard Health advises caution when using CBD alongside other medications due to the risk of compounded side effects.

Medical marijuana’s facts, including its components like THC and CBD, are still being studied, with Harvard Medical School aiming to separate myths from facts. This is pertinent, especially for older adults, as their use of medical marijuana has been rising, potentially due to reduced stigma, according to Harvard Health.

In the context of fighting infections, research from UT Southwestern suggests that the body’s endocannabinoids might influence susceptibility to gastrointestinal infections.

Lastly, the immediate relief from nausea through cannabis use has been noted by The University of New Mexico, although the specific cannabis products used matter in terms of effectiveness.

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While there is evidence supporting both the therapeutic and adverse effects of cannabis, the scientific community continues to explore its full impact, suggesting a nuanced view where cannabis may offer relief for some while presenting risks for others.

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