Is Cannabis Legal in California and What Are the State Regulations?

Is Cannabis Legal in California and What Are the State Regulations?
In California, cannabis legality is bifurcated between medicinal and adult use. Individuals aged 18 or older with a physician’s recommendation can purchase cannabis for medicinal use, while adult use is permitted for those 21 or older. However, local jurisdictions may implement stricter regulations than the state. To understand the specific rules in your area, it’s advised to check the city or county website.

Adults of legal age can use cannabis on private property, but landlords and property managers have the right to prohibit its use. For those renting, it’s crucial to review the rental agreement. Smoking cannabis in hotel rooms is generally not allowed, but hotel policies may vary, so checking with the hotel reception is necessary.

In terms of possession, adults are allowed to carry up to 1 ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis or up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis. Only licensed entities with a Retail Cannabis Permit from San Francisco and a state license are authorized to sell cannabis. Home cultivation is limited to 6 plants, which must be in a locked and enclosed space, out of public view.

For more detailed information regarding cannabis laws and consumer rights in San Francisco, you can refer to the official San Francisco government resource.

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