Is Cannabis Legal in Rhode Island Now?

Rhode Island has joined the growing list of states legalizing cannabis. As of December 1, 2022, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed legislation allowing the legal possession and consumption of cannabis for non-medical purposes by individuals at least twenty-one years old. This significant change in policy was enacted through the Rhode Island Cannabis Act, signed into law by Governor Dan McKee. The Act decriminalizes the sale and possession of up to one ounce of cannabis, with provisions for personal use of up to 10 ounces to be kept in a residence. Governor McKee Signs Legislation Legalizing and Safely Regulating

The Rhode Island Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) is the state agency responsible for overseeing the regulation, licensing, enforcement, and control of regulated cannabis in Rhode Island. This includes the recent call for applications for “hybrid retail licenses,” allowing licensed compassion centers to sell both medical marijuana and regulated, competitively priced marijuana products. Welcome | CCC

Alongside recreational use, Rhode Island also provides regulations for medical marijuana. Patients with a debilitating medical condition can use marijuana upon a doctor’s recommendation. The law requires caregivers and authorized purchasers to undergo a background check. For more information, patients and caregivers can contact RIDOH’s Medical Marijuana Program. Medical Marijuana Information for Patients & Caregivers

The new legislation also brings changes to Rhode Island’s taxation policy. Starting December 1, 2022, the law implements a State Cannabis Excise Tax, reflecting the state’s approach to managing the economic aspects of cannabis legalization. Rhode Island Department of Revenue Division of Taxation

Overall, Rhode Island’s move to legalize recreational cannabis marks a significant shift in its legal and social landscape, positioning it as the 19th state to embrace this change.

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Is Cannabis Legal in Rhode Island Now?

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