Is Cannabis Legal in Texas? A Guide to Marijuana and CBD Laws

Understanding the legal landscape surrounding cannabis can be complex, particularly with the rapid changes in laws at both the state and federal levels. In Texas, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes remains illegal. However, there are specific regulations, such as the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP), that allow the prescription of low-THC cannabis for certain medical conditions. This guide provides an overview of the current laws and regulations pertaining to both marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) in Texas.

The Texas State Law Library offers resources to help individuals navigate these complex regulations. Whether you are a legal practitioner or a resident looking for guidance, the library’s legal research guides are a valuable tool. For medical marijuana, the state’s Compassionate Use Program outlines the conditions under which low-THC cannabis can be prescribed.

On a federal level, President Biden has taken steps to reform marijuana laws, including pardoning all prior federal offenses of simple possession. This reflects a growing trend towards reevaluating the legal status of cannabis. In contrast, Washington State has more liberal laws, where adults over the age of 21 are permitted to purchase and possess cannabis within certain limits, as detailed by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Violations of cannabis laws can result in penalties, and in Austin, Texas, the Code Compliance department is responsible for enforcing these regulations. It’s important for residents to be aware of the city’s code violations, which include, but are not limited to, noisy animals, loud music, and traffic code infractions.

For those seeking legal medical cannabis in Texas, the Compassionate User Registry of Texas provides a list of physicians authorized to prescribe low-THC products. The legal parameters of the Texas Controlled Substances Act, found in Chapter 481, are essential for understanding the state’s stance on controlled substances, including cannabis.

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Is Cannabis Legal in Texas? A Guide to Marijuana and CBD Laws

As the situation around cannabis laws continues to evolve, staying informed through reliable sources is crucial. The Texas State Law Library remains a key resource for those looking to understand these changes and their implications.

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