Is Cannabis Safe and Effective for Health? Evaluating the Impact of Dry Weather on Weed Management


Cannabis usage, especially for health purposes, requires careful consideration. According to Harvard Health, it is crucial to use cannabis safely. Avoid smoking cannabis, which can inflame your lungs. Instead, consider using under-the-tongue tinctures, edibles, topical products, or dry herb vaporizers. Smoking cannabis and holding it in your lungs for more than a second or two does not enhance its effects but can irritate your lungs. Additionally, it’s advised not to drive for at least four hours after usage.
Is Cannabis Safe and Effective for Health? Evaluating the Impact of Dry Weather on Weed Management

The relationship between dry weather and weed management presents a complex scenario. Dry conditions are likely driving a reduction in expected weed germination and emergence. This is evident from research by the University of Minnesota Extension and MSU Extension, which indicates that many weeds are expected to emerge quickly once adequate rainfall is received. This suggests that applying a residual herbicide ahead of precipitation could be especially helpful.

Moreover, the type of weeds present can indicate a soil’s health. As noted by MSU Extension, certain weeds, like redroot pigweed, signify specific soil deficiencies. However, during dry conditions following planting, many germinating weeds will not be effectively controlled, though some control of later germinating weeds is possible after significant rainfall.

The use of landscape fabric, as discussed by the University of Illinois Extension, can suppress weeds for a time, but eventually, weed seeds can infiltrate the fabric or the organic mulch above it. This highlights the limitations of certain weed control methods.

When considering the effects of cannabis, it’s important to recognize its impact on memory and respiratory health. Harvard Health notes that marijuana can produce short-term problems with thinking, working memory, and other cognitive functions. Additionally, vaping marijuana is associated with more symptoms of lung damage than vaping or smoking nicotine, as indicated by research from the University of Michigan.

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Finally, the effectiveness of herbicides during hot, dry conditions can be influenced by several factors, including environmental conditions and the use of spray additives. As per NDSU Agriculture and NDSU, these factors can influence weed tolerance to treatments and crop injury from herbicides. The choice of herbicide and the timing of its application are crucial in ensuring effective weed control under these challenging conditions.

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