Is Fish Out of Water Still Available on the App Store in 2024?

Fish Out of Water, the popular mobile game developed by Halfbrick Studios, has had a tumultuous journey since its initial release in 2013. After being removed from the App Store and Google Play in 2020, the game has made a triumphant comeback in 2024, much to the delight of its dedicated fanbase.
The Resurgence of Fish Out of Water
In January 2023, Halfbrick Studios announced that Fish Out of Water would be returning to the digital shelves later that year. True to their word, the game was made available again in July 2024 as part of the Halfbrick subscription service, offering players an ad-free and in-app purchase-free experience.

Revamped Graphics and Gameplay

The re-release of Fish Out of Water has brought with it a host of improvements and enhancements. The game’s graphics have been remastered, providing a visually stunning experience for players. Additionally, the audio has been refined, further immersing users in the whimsical underwater world.
Halfbrick Studios has also rebalanced the crystal unlocking system, making the progression more rewarding for players. This change has been well-received by the community, as it encourages continued engagement and exploration within the game.

Availability and Pricing

Fish Out of Water is currently available for download on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. The game can be accessed through the Halfbrick subscription service, which offers a range of Halfbrick’s most popular titles, including Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.
The Halfbrick subscription is priced at $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year, providing players with unlimited access to the entire library of games. For those who prefer a more flexible option, a 60-minute guest access trial is also available, allowing users to experience the game before committing to a subscription.

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Gameplay and Features

At its core, Fish Out of Water remains true to its original gameplay mechanics. Players are tasked with throwing a selection of six different fish, each with unique abilities, across the ocean. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score by skipping and bouncing the fish across the waves.
The game introduces various weather conditions and environmental challenges, such as tsunamis, icebergs, and jellyfish swarms, which players must overcome. By completing missions and unlocking crystals, users can purchase costumes and craft charms that provide bonus powers, adding an extra layer of strategy and customization to the experience.
Fish Out of Water also features online leaderboards, achievements, and secret leaderboards for top performers, allowing players to compete against friends and the broader community.
Critical Reception and Nostalgia
The re-release of Fish Out of Water has been met with a mix of critical reviews and nostalgic enthusiasm from both new and returning players.

Critical Reviews

When the game first launched in 2013, it received “average” reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic, with a score of 67/100. Critics praised the game’s presentation and the quirky personalities of the fish and judges, but some felt that the gameplay lacked the addictive quality found in Halfbrick’s previous hits, Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja.
In 2024, the reviews have been more positive, with players highlighting the improvements made to the game’s graphics, audio, and progression system. However, some users have reported issues with the game’s performance, such as lag and texture loading problems, which the developers are working to address.

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Nostalgic Reactions

For many players, the return of Fish Out of Water has sparked a wave of nostalgia. Fans who fondly remember the game from their childhood have expressed excitement and delight at the opportunity to revisit the underwater adventure.
One reviewer on the App Store shared their experience, saying, “I remember this game!!! I’m still a kid but I remember playing this game when I was littler and I played it all the time. My favorite part was like imagining they had missions to do and then they would talk to each other and my favorite one was the dolphin. Ugh, I get nostalgic just thinking about it.”
The resurgence of Fish Out of Water has allowed these players to reconnect with a beloved part of their gaming history, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation for the future of the franchise.
Fish Out of Water’s return to the digital marketplace in 2024 has been a welcome development for both new and returning players. With its revamped graphics, rebalanced progression system, and the convenience of the Halfbrick subscription service, the game offers a compelling and nostalgic experience for mobile gamers.
As Halfbrick Studios continues to support and update the game, it will be interesting to see how the community responds and whether the title can recapture the same level of popularity it enjoyed during its initial release. Regardless, the resurgence of Fish Out of Water serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-crafted mobile games and the power of nostalgia in the gaming industry.

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