Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Georgia?

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Georgia?
In Georgia, “medical marijuana” refers to state registration programs for patients, but it’s important to understand that Georgia does not align with the term in the traditional sense. Growing, possessing, and smoking marijuana remain criminal offenses in the state, leading to fines and imprisonment. However, the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission provides guidance on the legal use of low THC oil for certain registered patients.

President Biden has made a statement regarding federal marijuana reform, indicating a move to pardon all prior federal offenses of simple possession of marijuana. This development reflects a shift in the national conversation about cannabis use and decriminalization.

The state’s stance on marijuana use was highlighted by the passage of House Bill 324, known as “Georgia’s Hope Act,” which allows the regulated licensing for the cultivation, production, manufacturing, and sale of low-THC oil. This law is overseen by the Commission’s Rules and is strictly for the dispensing to registered patients on the Low-THC Oil Registry.

Moreover, the Constitutional Court of Georgia has decriminalized the personal use of marijuana, although this does not extend to the sale, distribution, or cultivation of the plant. It’s important to note that the law does not permit the possession of marijuana in leaf form, nor does it authorize any retail activities associated with it.

For further details on the meetings and regulatory decisions of the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission, one can refer to their Commission Meetings summaries and recordings. The Low THC Oil Registry provides additional information for the general public and patients about the registry process and the legal status of low THC oil in Georgia.

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