Is Vaping Marijuana More Harmful Than Other Forms of Smoking?


Vaping marijuana is associated with more lung damage symptoms than other forms of smoking, according to a recent study. However, it’s important to note that while vaping, in general, can be harmful to the lungs, vaping marijuana seems to have a more significant impact. This raises questions about the safety of vaping as a method of cannabis consumption.

Vaping Marijuana and Lung Damage

Harvard Health suggests safer alternatives to smoking cannabis, like using under-the-tongue tinctures, edibles, topical products, or dry herb vaporizers. They also advise against holding smoke in the lungs for extended periods as this does not enhance the effect but rather increases lung irritation.

Harvard Health on Cannabis Safety

Marijuana’s effects on the heart are also a cause for concern. Smoking marijuana can lead to an increased heart rate and higher blood pressure, which could be dangerous for individuals with heart disease. The risk of heart attack is notably higher shortly after smoking marijuana. This information suggests that those with heart conditions should exercise caution when using marijuana.

Marijuana and Heart Health

While the immediate effects of marijuana on the heart and lungs are known, some of its long-term impacts remain uncertain. Cannabis withdrawal, for instance, can lead to a range of symptoms from aggression to depression, indicating that its usage can have profound effects on mental and physical health.

Managing Cannabis Withdrawal

Moreover, vaping’s popularity among teenagers raises additional concerns. With a significant number of high school and middle school students trying vaping out of curiosity or peer influence, the potential health risks become even more alarming.

Dangers of Teen Vaping

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Finally, the discovery of a marijuana-like substance in the brain, 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), highlights the complex effects of marijuana-like compounds. While it may have beneficial effects, such as calming seizures, it also brings potential risks that need further exploration.

Marijuana-like Brain Substance

In conclusion, while vaping marijuana is associated with more symptoms of lung damage than other forms of smoking or vaping, it is essential to consider the broader health implications of marijuana use, both in terms of respiratory and cardiovascular health.

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