Recent Updates and Legislation Impacting Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Authority

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has recently issued a statement regarding the enactment of new state laws and the measures they are taking to ensure public health and safety in medical cannabis practices. This follows the commitment of the OMMA to enforce the legal framework of marijuana usage as set by state law and regulations.

A key development is the passage of HB 2179 during the Legislature’s 2022 regular session, introducing a tiered commercial grower fee structure. This structure is designed based on the size and type of facility, with annual fees ranging from $2,500 to over $50,000. Additionally, processor license fees are now based on volume, starting from $2,500. For further details on these changes, please visit Legislative Updates.

Senate Bill 913, enacted in 2023, mandates that commercial medical marijuana growers must have a surety bond or provide proof of land ownership. This aligns with the emergency rules implemented on July 3, as detailed at OMMA Bond Requirements and in a July 6 email to licensees.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

Attorney General Gentner Drummond has commended these legislative efforts, particularly for their role in combating illegal marijuana operations in Oklahoma. Governor Stitt’s signing of the last marijuana-related bills on June 9, 2023, has been a significant step in this direction. More information on this can be found at Drummond’s Statement on New Laws.

Since November 1, 2022, the OMMA has become a standalone agency, separating from the State Department of Health. This change reflects the evolution of the medical marijuana program in Oklahoma, which was initially authorized by the state’s voters in 2018 with State Question 788. OMMA’s rules and regulations are based on these state laws, including subsequent amendments. For a comprehensive overview of OMMA, visit About OMMA.

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The OMMA’s budget and financial aspects have also been addressed. With the enactment of HB 1004X in 2023, the Legislature has set OMMA’s fiscal year 2024 budget at $37 million. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Fund, which receives fee and fine revenue from OMMA, will handle these finances. Any excess funds will be appropriated at the Legislature’s discretion.

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