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Banana Blaze Auto Feminised Seeds

Buy Banana Blaze Auto Feminised Seeds Dutch Passion

Banana Blaze Auto is an indica-dominant strain of Afghani Kush heritage. It is a highly potent plant with good yields alongside high THC levels. Suitable for cultivation in all environments. Banana Blaze Auto grows...

Gorilla Banana Feminised Seeds

Top Gorilla Banana Feminised Seeds Expert Seeds

Gorilla Banana is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Banana Kush. It’s a short-medium height plant with good yields, fabulous flavour and high levels of THC. Gorilla Banana can be grown indoors, outdoors...

Banana Zkittlez Feminised Seeds

Best Banana Zkittlez Feminised Seeds Medical Seeds

Banana Zkittlez is a sweet-tasting, 60% indica hybrid strain bred by crossing Banana Punch (Symbiotic Genetics) and the famous Cali clone Zkittlez. Banana Zkittlez provides buds with a dense structure and deliciously sweet flavours...