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Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds

Top Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds Seedsman

One of the most consistently popular strains in the United States, Bubba Kush has gained recognition in the cannabis world for its sedating effects. A truly dominant indica in almost every way, Bubba Kush...

Bubba Kush Feminised

Buy Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds The Plant

Bubba Kush is a productive, 75% indica, plant that was created through crossing OG Kush with Chemdawg. It has a compact structure and surprisingly high yields in a relatively short flowering time. Bubba Kush...

Bubba Hash Feminised Seeds

The Best Bubba Hash Feminised Seeds Ace Seeds

Bubba Hash is an F1 hybrid cannabis strain that was bred from two different Afghani types. The well-known Hash Plant from the 1990s was crossed with the more recently developed Bubba Kush to give...