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Critical Mass Feminised Seeds

Buy Best Critical Mass Feminised Seeds Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds’ Critical Mass is the result of a careful selection of breeding plants descended from the original Afghani/Skunk #1 cross. This strain is known for its resistance to less than optimum conditions, producing...

Critical 47 CBD Feminised Seeds

Top Critical 47 CBD Feminised Seeds Positronic Seeds

Critical 47 CBD retains the high production capabilities of Positronic’s champion strain Critical 47. This was crossed with CBD Crew’s Quimiotipio CBD mother plant. It develops a very sativa-like structure while at the same...

White Critical Feminised Seeds - 5

Best White Critical Feminised Seeds – 5 G13 Labs

Two well known, respected, almost historic varieties, were crossed together. The result of blending White Widow with Critical is good news for new and inexperienced cultivators who are expecting decent results. White Critical flowering...