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SleeStack Feminised Seeds

Buy SleeStack Feminised Seeds DNA Genetics

Sleestack is a hybrid of two of DNA’s favourite strains. The mother is Shrom which was a cutting presented to DNA from Northern California prized in part for its Diesel/Haze flavour and the father...

Golden Berry Feminised Seeds

Top Golden Berry Feminised Seeds DNA Genetics

Golden Berry is an indica/sativa hybrid cannabis strain with a Kushberry mother and a reversed Jew Gold providing the pollen with which to fertilise her. This is a highly resinous plant and one from...

R.K.S. Feminised Seeds

Best R.K.S. Feminised Seeds DNA Genetics

RKS is derived from old land-race cannabis strains that originated in Afghanistan, Colombia and Thailand. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid which has a terpene profile that will remind older growers and smokers of old-fashioned...