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Gelato Auto Feminised Seeds

Buy the best Gelato Auto Feminised Seeds FastBuds Seeds

Gelato Auto is the auto-flowering version of the immensely popular Californian strain Gelato. It is 55% sativa, 45% indica and is a fast-maturing, high-yielding plant with exceptional levels of THC production. FastBuds Gelato Auto...

Gelato-K Feminised Seeds

Best Place to Buy Gelato-K Feminised Seeds Kannabia

Gelato-K is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis, bred from Gelato and Bubba Kush, which is a true connoisseur strain. Many plants turn a beautiful violet colour at maturity, and it produces good yields of high-THC...

Gelato Feminised Seeds - 5

Buy Gelato Feminised Seeds – 5 Nirvana Seeds

Gelato is a renowned hybrid cannabis strain from California, a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints GSC. Despite its high status and demand for its multi-coloured, potent buds it is suitable for beginner...