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Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds (Chong's Choice)

Top Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds Paradise Seeds

Choice of Legends (Hybrid)… Mendocino Skunk, developed in collaboration with Chong’s Choice, is a well rounded combination of sativa and indica to produce a good yield plant that is easy to grow and delivers...

Rainbow Road Feminised Seeds

Best Rainbow Road Feminised Seeds Paradise Seeds

Rainbow Road is a truly exciting sativa-dominant fusion of Hindu Kush (40%) and Strawberry Sativa (60%). Growers will really appreciate its huge yield potential, big, resinous buds, glorious terpene profile and its racy effect....

Dutch Kush Feminised Seeds

Buy Dutch Kush Feminised Seeds Paradise Seeds

Dutch Kush is a short and bushy marijuana strain whose many branches are covered in tightly-spaced budding-sites. It is a very potent indica strain that provides deep relaxation and healing for medicinal marijuana users....