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Durban Regular

The Best Durban Regular Seeds – 10 Sensi Seeds

Durban is a very stable, reliable, early-flowering outdoor strain that is very easy-to-grow. It is a 90% sativa plant that originated in South Africa. It is resistant to inclement weather conditions and will still...

Jamaican Pearl Feminised Seeds

Buy the best Jamaican Pearl Feminised Seeds Sensi Seeds

Jamaican Pearl Feminised was created by crossing Early Pearl, an outdoor sativa hybrid strain, with some rather special cultivars from the Caribbean region. Jamaican Pearl is a tall plant with heavy production potential that...

Hindu Kush Feminised

Top Hindu Kush Feminised Seeds Sensi Seeds

Hindu Kush has long been a favourite smoking strain as well as a great breeding plant. Sensi used it to create its Skunk Kush and its genetics also feature in the award-winning OG Kush...