Understanding Montana’s Cannabis Laws: Regulations, Taxation, and Licensing

Understanding Montana

Montana’s approach to cannabis, both for medical and adult use, has evolved significantly. As of January 1, 2021, adults aged 21 and over in Montana are permitted to possess and use up to one ounce of marijuana. However, public consumption and possession, including medical marijuana, remain prohibited. Additionally, federal law continues to prohibit marijuana use on federal lands and waters.

The Montana Code Annotated 2021, Title 16, Chapter 12, outlines the state’s marijuana regulation and taxation. This includes general provisions, licensing and regulation guidelines, local government and law enforcement authority, and details on marijuana taxation.

The state has also introduced specific licensing for marijuana transporters, enabling the transport of marijuana products between licensed premises, including testing laboratories or to medical registered cardholders. This change comes as part of House Bill 701, a significant act revising laws related to the regulation and taxation of marijuana in Montana.

Taxation is a key aspect of Montana’s cannabis policy. For medical marijuana dispensaries, there is a 4% tax on the retail price of marijuana products and live plants. For adult-use dispensaries, a 20% tax is levied on the retail price. More details on these taxes can be found in 15-64-102. Tax on Marijuana Sales MCA.

Montana’s Cannabis Control Division, part of the Department of Revenue, plays a crucial role in overseeing these regulations. They offer a range of resources for both consumers and businesses, including information on the Alternaleaf Concession Program, cannabis taxation, and licensing. Their goal is to ensure that legal marijuana sales in Montana are safe, compliant, and beneficial for the state economy and its residents.

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For comprehensive information on cannabis laws in Montana, visit the Cannabis Control Division – Montana Department of Revenue.

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