Understanding Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Laws & Regulations in 2022

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) issued the Public Health and Safety Bulletin 2022-01 on March 4, 2022, advising consumers and patients to exercise caution when consuming cannabis and cannabis products. This bulletin is part of a series of measures to regulate and ensure the safety of cannabis use in Nevada.

Nevada’s cannabis laws, although permissive in some aspects, do place restrictions on certain activities. Under NRS 453D.100, private property owners have the right to restrict cannabis-related activities on their premises. This includes smoking, cultivation, processing, manufacture, sale, delivery, or transfer of cannabis.

Since the legalization of adult-use cannabis on January 1, 2017, regulations have been in place governing its purchase, possession limits, and usage locations. The legalization has not altered the existing medical cannabis program. In 2022, the CCB conducted a live educational webinar titled “Consumption Lounge Application: Preparing to Apply,” highlighting the evolving nature of cannabis legislation and business opportunities in the state.

At the federal level, cannabis remains classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, which prohibits its sale, production, and cultivation nationwide. This federal stance contrasts with the state-level legalization and regulation efforts in Nevada.

In Nevada, all state-licensed medical and adult-use cannabis businesses must use METRC, the State’s seed-to-sale tracking compliance system. This system ensures compliance by tagging and identifying products and plants throughout their lifecycle, from growth to sales.

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board rigorously regulates the cannabis industry, ensuring public health and safety. The licensing process is competitive, and the applicants with the highest scores are awarded licenses. In one instance, 127 cannabis license applicants submitted an average of three applications each, totaling 462 applications.

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The Public Health and Safety Bulletin provides crucial information for both consumers and businesses. Similarly, the Laws & Regulations page offers detailed insights into the legal framework governing cannabis in Nevada.

The state has a variety of licensed establishments, such as The Treehouse Vegas and Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, which cater to both medical and adult-use consumers. The List of Licensees and the License Search List are valuable resources for locating licensed cannabis businesses.

For more information, the FAQ section of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board’s website provides answers to common questions regarding cannabis licensing and regulation in Nevada.

Understanding Nevada

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