Understanding the Recent Legislative Changes and Proposals on Marijuana in Florida

Several legislative proposals and changes related to marijuana have taken place in Florida in recent years. House Bill 291 from 2021, House Bill 467 from 2022, Senate Bill 1576 from 2023, and Senate Bill 1696 from 2022 are noteworthy examples. Furthermore, there have been amendments to the Florida Statutes, specifically Chapter 381 Section 986 in 2021, and the Florida Board of Medicine has implemented new practice standards related to smoking medical marijuana.

Florida Marijuana Legislation

House Bill 291, presented in 2021, sought to authorize individuals aged 21 and over to engage in activities involving the personal use of marijuana in limited quantities. The bill also outlined the conditions for licensing marijuana establishments and imposed restrictions on the number of certain marijuana establishments in localities. Furthermore, it clarified that its provisions do not apply to employer drug policies or laws pertaining to operating under the influence. House Bill 291 (2021) – The Florida Senate House Bill 291 (2021) – Florida House

House Bill 467 from 2022 echoed the objectives of HB 291, proposing the legalization of recreational marijuana for those aged 21 and over, the licensing of marijuana establishments, and setting limits on the number of specific marijuana establishments within localities. House Bill 467 (2022) – The Florida Senate

In 2023, Senate Bill 1576 was introduced, which also aimed to legalize recreational marijuana. It proposed establishing the Division of Cannabis Management under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, authorizing persons aged 21 and over to engage in certain actions relating to marijuana. The bill also provided guidelines for the licensing of marijuana establishments. Senate Bill 1576 (2023) – The Florida Senate

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Senate Bill 1696 from 2022 focused on adult use marijuana legalization, establishing the Division of Cannabis Management within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It prohibited the use of false identification by individuals under 21 years of age for activities related to recreational marijuana and exempted certain activities involving marijuana from prosecution. Senate Bill 1696 (2022) – The Florida Senate

Regarding the Florida Statutes, Chapter 381 Section 986 was amended in 2021, addressing medical marijuana. Qualified patients and their caregivers were allowed to purchase marijuana delivery devices and the required amount of marijuana for medical use from a medical marijuana treatment center, as authorized in a physician certification. Chapter 381 Section 986 – 2021 Florida Statutes – The Florida Senate

Additionally, the Florida Board of Medicine implemented new practice standards for the certification of smoking marijuana as a route of administration, effective July 13, 2021. All physicians authorized to issue a certification for the medical use of marijuana in a form for smoking are now required to comply with these new standards. Florida Board of Medicine ยป New Practice Standards Related to Smoking Medical Marijuana

A scoping review on policy reform reaching Florida highlights the legal status of marijuana on a federal level, contrasting it with the progressive legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in various states, including Florida. Policy Reform Reaches Florida: A Scoping Review

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