Understanding Vermont’s Cannabis Laws and Regulations

Marijuana use among Vermonters ranks among the highest in the United States, particularly for the age groups of 12-17 and 18-25 years old. Over the past two decades, Vermont has seen significant changes in its legal approach to marijuana. Beginning in 2004, the Vermont legislature voted to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Understanding Vermont

In 2020, the Cannabis Control Board was established by Act 164, with its governing statutes later amended by Acts 62 (2021), 158 (2022), and 65 (2023). The Board’s responsibilities include rulemaking for the safe, equitable, and effective implementation and administration of laws allowing access to adult-use cannabis in Vermont. The Board’s rules encompass various aspects, including the licensing of cannabis establishments (Rule 1) and the regulation of these establishments (Rule 2).

For health care providers, it’s important to note that Vermont allows adults aged 21 and over to purchase and possess cannabis within legal limits. Different forms of cannabis, such as marijuana, hashish, weed, pot, etc., can have varying risks associated with their use. Making informed decisions about consumption and subsequent activities is crucial.

Regarding law enforcement, the Vermont Criminal Justice Council included Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) in the mandatory curriculum at the Vermont Police Academy in 2015. This means that all law enforcement officers graduating since 2015 are trained to detect drivers impaired by any substance, including cannabis.

The Cannabis Control Board also regulates the Patient and Caregiver Registry as well as cannabis dispensaries. Definitions and legal frameworks relevant to these regulations are outlined in Vermont Statutes 7 V.S.A. 861 and 951.

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