What Are the Adult Use Cannabis Laws in Maine?

Maine’s stance on cannabis has evolved significantly since November 2016, when voters approved the recreational use, retail sale, and taxation of cannabis. Following the approval of Question 1, adults aged 21 and over were authorized from January 30, 2017, to use, possess, or transport cannabis, within specified limits, in private places. Notably, “marijuana” has been legislatively replaced by the term “cannabis” across the Maine Revised Statutes, with the exception of Title 17-A, to align with the updated legal nomenclature.

In Maine, personal adult use of cannabis is regulated under Title 28-B of the Maine Revised Statutes. Individuals are permitted to use, possess, or transport up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. However, usage is confined to private properties, and landlords, as well as rental companies, retain the right to prohibit cannabis use and possession on their premises. It is important to remember that while state law permits cannabis use, it remains illegal under federal law. This is particularly relevant on federal property, such as national parks or at border crossings.

The governance of cannabis in Maine is twofold: through statute and rule. The original legislation, known as the Cannabis Legalization Act, has undergone amendments since its inception. For example, LD 1719 — An Act To Implement a Regulatory Structure for Adult Use Marijuana — has been instrumental in shaping the current regulatory framework.

The Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program (MMCP) is also governed by its own set of statutes and rules, detailed in Title 22, Chapter 558-C of the Maine Revised Statutes. Significant amendments to the medical cannabis laws were enacted on July 7, 2018, when the Legislature overrode vetoes of two bills, leading to substantial changes to the existing framework.

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For those seeking in-depth information on the adult use or medical use of cannabis in Maine, several resources are available. The Office of Cannabis Policy is a central point for accessing comprehensive details regarding rules, statutes, FAQs, and recent legislative changes relevant to both the Adult Use Cannabis Program (AUCP) and MMCP.

To explore these resources further, you can access the official pages of the Maine State Legislature and the Office of Cannabis Policy through the following links:

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Frequently Asked Questions – Cannabis Policy
Medical Use Rules and Statutes
Maine’s Medical Marijuana Law
Maine’s Law on Marijuana
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For statutory details on personal adult use, refer to Title 28-B, Section 1501

The dialogue on cannabis policy in Maine continues to adapt, with the Office of Cannabis Policy diligently updating its rules, policies, and publications to reflect the latest legislative developments.

Office of Cannabis Policy - Maine

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