What Are the Cannabis Laws in Washington State?

Washington State’s approach to cannabis laws includes several key regulations that impact consumers and businesses. Adults aged 21 and over are allowed to purchase up to one ounce of usable cannabis, 16 ounces of solid-form cannabis-infused edibles, 72 ounces in liquid form, and 7 grams of cannabis concentrates. However, these products can only be legally sold and purchased at state-licensed retail stores.

The state liquor and cannabis board has been tasked with studying regulatory options for the legalization of cannabis plant possession and cultivation by recreational cannabis users. This study will take into account federal guidelines like the Cole Memorandum. Additionally, Home Grow Regulatory Options are also being considered.

For those under 21, the law is strict. Any detected Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) between 0.02%-0.07% can lead to a loss of a driver’s license for 90 days on the first offense, and potentially until the age of 21 for subsequent offenses. The Teens and the Law section provides more details.

Washington State has a firm stance on cannabis use and transportation. It is illegal to take cannabis out of the state, even if traveling to another state where it is legal. There is no reciprocity clause for out-of-state patients, meaning they do not receive the same benefits or protections as Washington cannabis patients.

To ensure consumer safety, the Washington State Liquor Control Board provides resources and information. For more details, the Know the Law page can be consulted. They emphasize that only adults 21 and older can purchase and possess cannabis legally.

The Cannabis Patient Protection Act has integrated the medical market with the regulated recreational market. The Department of Health oversees the medical cannabis authorization database, training and certification of medical cannabis consultants, and product compliance.

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Washington’s cannabis industry is regulated by the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), which promotes public safety and trust. They have a comprehensive set of Laws and Rules for alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and vapor products.

In the political arena, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is actively working to remove anti-home-rule riders from the House’s fiscal year 2024 District of Columbia Appropriations bill. More information about her actions can be found on her official website.

Lastly, it is important for medical cannabis patients to understand that while possession and consumption are legal for adults, cultivation for personal use remains illegal. Questions frequently asked by patients are addressed on the Medical Cannabis FAQ page.

What Are the Cannabis Laws in Washington State?

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