What Are the Latest Legislative Updates in Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Program?

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program Updates

The state of Oklahoma has recently made significant updates to its medical marijuana regulations. One of the key changes is the introduction of a tiered commercial grower fee structure, as outlined in HB 2179 (2022). This new system varies annual fees from the current $2,500 to over $50,000, depending on the size and type of the facility.

Additionally, Senate Bill 1704 (2022) mandates that employees of commercial licensees receive a credential from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) authorizing them to work in the industry, effective from January 1, 2024. While businesses don’t need to take action yet, OMMA is developing the credentialing process and will provide updates as they become available.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, a division of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, oversees the program. As per the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, a medical marijuana patient license allows individuals with an approved application to legally purchase, use, and grow medical marijuana and its products in Oklahoma. This license is issued in the form of an identification card.

The regulatory framework, effective from November 1, 2022, covers various aspects including licensing, testing, labeling, compliance, and enforcement. These rules are based on the statutory provisions of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act.

Governor Kevin Stitt appointed Adria Berry as the new executive director of OMMA to address challenges in the growing marijuana industry, including the proliferation of illegal operations. Berry’s role will involve collaboration with legislators, law enforcement, and other stakeholders.

Patient rights are also clearly outlined, ensuring that licensed patients are not unfairly treated in matters such as concealed carry permits, custody, and parenting time. Neglect or child endangerment is not presumed for licensed patients.

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For detailed information on these updates and the rules governing Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program, refer to the OMMA Rules Document.

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