What Are the Legal Regulations for Marijuana in Boston?

As of December 15th, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts officially recognizes marijuana as a legal substance for adults aged 21 and over. In alignment with this policy, the City of Boston reminds residents of the rules and regulations regarding the responsible use and possession of cannabis. Adults are permitted to carry up to one ounce of marijuana in public, with no more than five grams in the form of marijuana concentrate.

The consumption of marijuana, although legal for adults, is regulated by Massachusetts laws, particularly in terms of consumption locations, cultivation, possession amounts, transportation, and other aspects. It is important to note that regardless of age, consuming marijuana in public or on federal land remains prohibited. Violations of this law are subject to penalties.

In November 2019, Boston’s Mayor’s Office signed an ordinance that aims to regulate the cannabis industry equitably within the city. This legislation was the culmination of efforts from a variety of stakeholders and is focused on creating a system that champions racial equity and inclusivity within the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Boston’s policies, particularly Ordinance 8-13, are designed to ensure fairness and equity in the city’s cannabis sector, addressing the disproportionate impact of previous drug-related policies.

Medical marijuana is also an integral part of the cannabis landscape in Massachusetts. The Boston Public Health Commission has established guidelines and regulations for safe access to medical marijuana in the city, providing oversight on the dispensing and use of medical cannabis.

Furthermore, the Cannabis Control Commission, a state authority, is tasked with overseeing the application process for cannabis establishments within the Commonwealth, ensuring a comprehensive and rigorous review process.

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If anyone believes they have a problem related to marijuana or any other substance, they are encouraged to call 3-1-1 for referrals to support and resources.

Marijuana Legalization in Boston

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