What Are the New Cannabis Legalization Laws in Minnesota?

As of August 1, 2023, Minnesota has ushered in a new era with the full decriminalization of cannabis, marking a significant shift in the state’s approach to cannabis use and regulation. This landmark decision allows adults aged 21 and over to possess, use, and cultivate cannabis, within specified limits, without fear of criminal penalties.

In Minnesota, individuals are now able to legally possess or transport up to 2 ounces of cannabis flower in public spaces and can have up to 2 pounds within the privacy of their homes. Moreover, the law permits the possession of up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrates. When it comes to edible products, the limit is set at 800 milligrams of THC. These changes reflect a growing acknowledgment of cannabis use as a part of adult life in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management has been established as the 23rd state to adopt such laws, providing a framework for adults to learn about the legislation and the boundaries set forth regarding cannabis possession and home cultivation.

Retail sales of adult-use cannabis are set to commence in the first quarter of 2025, laying the groundwork for a regulated market. It is important to note, however, that despite state legalization, cannabis remains illegal on federal property.

In a historic move, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill into law that not only legalizes adult-use cannabis but also includes provisions for the expungement or resentencing of previous cannabis convictions. This action by the Governor, lauded by advocates and lawmakers alike, is seen as a step towards correcting past injustices associated with cannabis prohibition.

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Legislative efforts for this change have been ongoing, with the House Ways and Means Committee approving a bill to legalize recreational marijuana on April 17, 2023, and subsequently re-referring it to the House Floor.

As medical marijuana was legalized in Minnesota in 2014, the new bill includes protections for the existing medical market, enabling licensed medical suppliers to engage in the recreational market under certain conditions.

For those interested in staying updated on the developments of adult-use cannabis legislation in Minnesota, the official webpage offers an email subscription for exclusive news and updates.

Bill Legalizing Adult-Use Cannabis in Minnesota

In summary, the new legislation signals a shift in Minnesota’s stance towards cannabis, with the state taking steps to integrate legal adult-use into society responsibly while attempting to remedy the historical repercussions of cannabis convictions.

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