What Are the Regulations and Benefits of Legal Marijuana in Montana?

The Cannabis Control Division of the Montana Department of Revenue continues to oversee the Montana Medical Marijuana Program and issues separate licenses for marijuana cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, transporters, and testing laboratories. This is in line with the outcomes of Initiative 190 or other local elections following the enactment of HB-701.

As of January 1, 2021, adults 21 and over in Montana may possess and use up to one ounce of marijuana without incurring criminal penalties. However, it is important to note that the use and possession of marijuana, including medical marijuana, is still prohibited in public spaces and certain other locations. It also remains illegal under federal law on all federal lands and waters.

The “Legal is Legit” campaign emphasizes that purchasing legal, regulated marijuana has substantial benefits for consumers, the community, the economy, and the environment. In Montana, eligible individuals are permitted to purchase, possess, and consume both medical and adult-use marijuana under the oversight of the Cannabis Control Division.

According to a report, the medical use of marijuana is legal with a doctor’s recommendation in 37 states as of 2022, and adult-use marijuana is legal in 21 states, including Montana. The Montana Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act aims to provide for legal possession and use of marijuana and for the licensure and regulation of marijuana businesses.

In accordance with HB 948, the Cannabis Control Division is currently seeking applicants to serve on the Synthetic Marijuana Products Advisory Council. The council will include members from the marijuana industry and a public member with expertise in the area.

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Regarding taxes, the department has detailed information on the 4% gross tax on medical marijuana providers in Montana. For more information, one can contact the department’s miscellaneous tax unit.

For registered cardholders, the Cardholder Information page provides essential details. Cardholders can purchase marijuana at licensed dispensaries and are subject to a 4% state tax. Counties may also enact local taxes on marijuana sales.

Lastly, individuals looking to grow marijuana should consult the “Know Before You Grow” guidelines. It is crucial to have property owner permission, understand the legal requirements, and be familiar with the tax implications.

Montana Cannabis Regulation

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