What Are the Upcoming Changes to Virginia’s Marijuana and Hemp Laws in 2023?

Starting July 1, 2023, significant amendments to Virginia’s Industrial Hemp Law (Va. Code § 3.2-4112 et seq.) and Food and Drink Law (Va. Code § 3.2-5100 et seq.) will come into effect. These changes will guide the manufacturing and retail sale of specific hemp-derived products in Virginia. Additionally, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will play a key role in overseeing these amendments.

A notable change includes the Virginia Consumer Protection Act (HB 1517), which addresses automatic renewal or continuous service offers. From now on, suppliers offering such services with a free trial exceeding 30 days must provide cancellation reminders and adhere to specific prohibited practices. This is part of Virginia’s efforts to enhance consumer protection.

Regarding consumable hemp products, Virginia law mandates that sellers must obtain a retail facility registration. This regulation is crucial for maintaining standards and ensuring consumer safety in the rapidly growing hemp industry.

On the topic of marijuana legalization, as of July 1, 2021, adults aged 21 and over are legally allowed to possess no more than one ounce of cannabis in public places. The use of marijuana is permitted in private residences, with the discretion of property owners to restrict usage on their premises. These progressive steps mark significant shifts in Virginia’s approach to cannabis regulation.

The Code of Virginia also details various laws and regulations under different acts, such as Title 4.1, which covers Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Control, and Title 18.2, which deals with Crimes and Offenses Generally. These include regulations on drug paraphernalia, general provisions of the Virginia Cannabis Control Act, and rules regarding the sale, distribution, and possession of retail marijuana and its products.

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A comprehensive report titled “RD555 – 2023 Consumable Hemp Product Report” provides a detailed examination of Virginia’s approach to hemp-derived product regulation, comparing it with other state approaches. It also updates regulatory activities at the federal level and offers recommendations for future legislative considerations.

Additionally, Virginia’s expungement laws under the Cannabis Control Act are set to undergo changes, with regulations expected to be presented to the Virginia Cannabis Oversight Commission for review before adoption.

The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority (VCCA) is tasked with setting possession equivalent amounts for marijuana edibles, vape oils, and other products. These regulations are crucial for the legal possession and use of marijuana in the state.

Lastly, it’s important to note the role of Ivermectin in treating COVID-19, as Virginia’s marijuana laws allow adults to grow up to four plants per household from July 1, 2021.

For more detailed information on these changes, please refer to the following sources:

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Virginia Division of Legislative Services
Cannabis Control Authority – Virginia


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