What Can Be Done About Persistent Tinnitus?


Tinnitus, characterized by a ringing or noise in the ears without an external sound source, affects many individuals. While the noise may manifest as a ringing, it can also resemble a hiss, whistle, or buzz and may be intermittent or continuous. Often perceived as emanating from the head, tinnitus is typically a symptom of underlying ear issues such as earwax buildup or more complex auditory problems.

Management strategies for tinnitus vary, focusing on making the condition less bothersome. Techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis are designed to shift negative thoughts related to tinnitus. Sound therapy, utilizing wearable or external devices, aims to distract the brain from the tinnitus with masking sounds. Although this approach can be effective, its success varies from person to person.

Concerns have been raised about marijuana’s impact on heart health, especially for individuals with existing heart conditions. Smoking marijuana can increase heart rate and blood pressure, potentially elevating the risk of a heart attack shortly after use. Moreover, while a marijuana-like brain substance, 2-AG, has been found to reduce epileptic seizures, it may also intensify tinnitus.

It’s recommended to seek medical advice if tinnitus becomes a persistent concern, as it can significantly affect quality of life and may signal other health issues. Sound strategies like using a sound generator or fan at night can provide relief and aid sleep, mitigating the distress caused by tinnitus.

Given the complexity and variability of tinnitus symptoms and triggers, it might be that what works for one individual may not work for another, leaving room for doubt about the most effective management techniques. Nevertheless, exploring various treatment options with healthcare professionals is advisable for those struggling with this condition.

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What Can Be Done About Persistent Tinnitus?

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