What gauge wire should I use for a trolling motor?


What gauge wire do I need for 12 volt?

12 Volt Wiring: Wire Gauge to Amps Amps @ 13.8 Volts LENGTH OF WIRE American Wire Gauge (AWG) 0-10 16-ga. 14-ga. 10–15 14-ga. 12-ga. 15-20 12-ga. 12-ga. 20-35 12-ga. 10-ga.

What gauge wire is Minn Kota?

According to Minn Kota you need 8 gauge wire up to 25 feet of running length for that motor. I’m sure they know what their motor needs. You can use 6 gauge if you want, but its not needed and will not do anything more than what the 8 gauge can.

How many amps does a 12V trolling motor draw?

The Force trolling motor can run on 24 volts or 36 volts, and the chart below shows how a 24v setting will draw higher amps then running at 36 volts. And how a setting of 30% draws 10% of the amount of power used at 90%.36 Volt Power Source. Throttle Level Thrust Current 100% 445 N-m (100 lbf) 54 A.

Is my Minn Kota 12 or 24 volt?

The nameplates are most often found in the foot petals of the motor. Otherwise, you can look at the configuration of the trolling motor batteries to find the volts. Open the hood and look at the battery. If you see 6 cells, it’s a 12-volt battery, but if you see 12 cells, it means it’s a 24-volt battery.

Do I need a circuit breaker on my trolling motor?

It is highly recommended that a circuit breaker or fuse be used when installing a trolling motor. For motors requiring a 60-amp breaker, the Minn Kota MKR-19 60-amp circuit breaker is recommended.

Do I use 12 or 14 gauge wire?

All branch wiring should be rated for equal or higher current carrying capacity as the circuit breaker feeding that branch system. Example: If you’re wiring a branch fed by a 20 amp circuit breaker, use #12 AWG NM wire. For branches from 15 amp breakers, use #14 AWG NM wire.

Can 18-gauge wire handle 12v?

18-gauge automotive wire can handle anywhere between 3 and 15 amps, depending on the distance (12.2 ft to 2.4 ft). The shorter the wire, the more current it can handle.

How far can I run 12v DC?

12V DC Power Drop / Max Cable Distance Chart 24 AWG 12 AWG DC 300mA 72 feet 1,169 feet DC 400mA 54 feet 877 feet DC 500mA 43 feet 701 feet DC 750mA 28 feet 467 feet.

What size battery do I need for a 55 lb thrust trolling motor?

For a 55 lb thrust in a trolling motor, you will at least need the battery size of 240Ah rating. Depending on the speed, you will be using approximately 20-40 amps.

How many amps does a 50 lb thrust trolling motor use?

Thrust Trolling Motor has a max amp draw of 52 amps/hr but only 5 lbs more thrust. 3. Because of the larger windings in the 50 lb thrust model, lower speeds use less amperage for the same thrust.

How long will a 12V battery run a trolling motor?

Almost 5 hours doesn’t seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime.

How many amps does a 80lb thrust trolling motor use?

The 80lb thrust Terrova has a max amp draw at the 10 setting of 56 amps.

How fast will a 55 lb thrust trolling motor go?

Assuming perfect riding conditions, the use of the best fuel i.e. the distillate marine diesel, and moderate load, 55-pound trolling motors are likely to attain a maximum speed of only 5 miles per hour. This would take around two hours for the deep cycle battery charge to get completely depleted.

What happens if you run a 24 volt trolling motor on 12 volts?

24v hooked to 12v will spin for a while on a full battery but there will be no torque. You could stop it with your hand. It is like running your motor with half the spark plugs missing.

What happens when you run a 24 volt trolling motor on 12 volts?

For a cable steer or hand controlled model this will not hurt the motor, but it will considerably affect the performance of the motor. However, an electric steer motor, such as, the PowerDrive, Terrova, or Ulterra cannot be used on lower voltages.

What is the difference between a 12 volt and 24 volt trolling motor?

Trolling Motor Voltage & Batteries A 12-volt trolling motor is the most inexpensive and easiest to run. A 24- or 36-volt system will allow the angler to fish longer periods out on the water, as they draw lower amps while providing increased thrust for more power.

How much does a 50 amp breaker cost?

$50-$100 for breaker at service panel, and $60 for the outlet/service box to plug in.

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