What is the Alternaleaf® Concession Program and How Does it Relate to Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Laws?

Alternaleaf Program and Louisiana Medical Marijuana Laws

The Alternaleaf® Concession Program is a significant initiative in the realm of medical marijuana in Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Health plays a crucial role in protecting health, ensuring access to a range of essential services, including medical, preventive, and rehabilitative services.

Under the guidelines of the Louisiana Department of Health, dispensaries are authorized to provide medical marijuana in approved dosage forms to patients holding a valid recommendation from a board-certified Louisiana physician. Any questions regarding the state’s medical marijuana program can be directed to the department at (225) 342-4339 or via email at [email protected].

Regarding the legal landscape, Louisiana has seen significant progress. The City Council has approved the full decriminalization of simple possession of marijuana, leading to a range of outcomes:

  • Only simple possession of marijuana is applicable under the City Code.
  • Automatic pardons for any future summons without further police action, rendering all future tickets void.
  • Retroactive pardons for those previously convicted or with pending cases.
  • Expansion of smoke-free regulations to address public smoking.

In a significant move, Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 652, which reduces the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. This bill, sponsored by Representative Cedric Glover, reflects the state’s evolving stance on marijuana use.

Furthermore, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry has filed a Notice of Intent to repeal certain rules pertaining to the medical marijuana program, aligning with Act 424 from the 2021 Legislative Session.

Key legislation includes ACT No. 444 and ACT No. 96 ENROLLED, as well as HLS 22RS-470 ORIGINAL and HLS 22RS-296 ORIGINAL, which collectively contribute to the legal framework governing medical marijuana in Louisiana.

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For those seeking to get in touch with the LDH Cannabis Program, the Office of Public Health Bureau of Sanitarian Services is located at 628 N. 4th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. They can be reached by phone at (225) 342-4339. Additionally, email inquiries can be sent to Hemp and Medical Marijuana.

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