What is the Current Status and Future of Marijuana Legislation in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Legislature has been actively discussing and revisiting marijuana laws, presenting a variety of bills in both the 2021-2022 and 2023-2024 sessions. In the 125th Session (2023-2024), the legislature introduced Bill 212, currently residing in the Senate Committee on Medical Affairs since its introduction on January 10, 2023. This bill seems to be a Joint Resolution with a connection to another document or bill numbered 685. The specific details and updates on this bill can be tracked through the South Carolina Legislature’s official website.

Another bill, Bill 3803, addressing Marijuana Decriminalization, is under discussion in the same 2023-2024 session. Simultaneously, Bill 3561 is another piece of legislation related to marijuana presented in the same session. Detailed information, updates, and the bill’s text for these can be accessed on the South Carolina Legislature’s online portal.

In the previous 124th Session (2021-2022), several bills were introduced, including Bill 335, the Marijuana Control Act, and Bill 268, another bill concerning marijuana. Additionally, there were two versions of the SC Compassionate Care Act, presented as Bills 150 and 3361. These bills aimed to address different aspects of marijuana control, use, and potential decriminalization, reflecting a growing trend of reevaluating marijuana laws in the state.

The South Carolina Code of Laws, specifically Title 44, provides the legal framework and existing regulations regarding controlled substances, including marijuana. Any amendments or new bills passed would result in changes to this section of the law. The South Carolina Attorney General’s office also plays a crucial role in interpreting and enforcing state laws, including those related to controlled substances.

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The changes and discussions in the legislature indicate a movement towards reconsidering the existing marijuana laws in South Carolina, potentially leading to decriminalization or new regulations for medical use. Citizens and interested parties can stay informed and participate in the legislative process by following the updates and progress of these bills online.

South Carolina Marijuana Legislation

Bill 212 – South Carolina Legislature Online (2023-2024)

Bill 3803 – Marijuana Decriminalization – South Carolina (2023-2024)

Bill 3561 – Marijuana – South Carolina Legislature Online (2023-2024)

Bill 335 – Marijuana Control Act – South Carolina Legislature (2021-2022)

Bill 268 – Marijuana – South Carolina Legislature Online (2021-2022)

Bill 150 – SC Compassionate Care Act – South Carolina (2021-2022)

Bill 3361 – SC Compassionate Care Act – South Carolina (2021-2022)

Code of Laws – Title 44 – South Carolina Legislature Online

South Carolina Attorney General

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