What is the Current Status of Cannabis Legislation in North Carolina?

In the ongoing 2023 session of the North Carolina General Assembly, several bills regarding the legalization and regulation of cannabis have been introduced. Notable among these is Senate Bill 346, which is a significant step towards altering the legal landscape of cannabis in the state. This bill is paralleled by House Bill 929 from the 2021-2022 session, which was similarly aimed at establishing a medical cannabis framework.

The Senate Bill 765 and House Bill 617 of the 2021 session also addressed cannabis-related issues. In the latest 2023 session, the House Bill 626 is one of the key bills introduced that discusses the legalization of possession and sale of cannabis, highlighting the potential tax revenue and job creation that could follow legalization.

The Senate Bill 711, known as the NC Compassionate Care Act, from the 2021-2022 session, sought to provide a structured framework for medical cannabis in North Carolina. This bill aimed to create a regulated system for the production and sale of medical cannabis, considering the needs of patients and the state economy.

In addition to these, the Senate Bill 711 from the 2021 session and the House Bill 254 also discussed cannabis legislation, with an emphasis on the medical use of marijuana.

The North Carolina General Assembly at the Raleigh Legislative Building continues to be the center of activity and discussion around these bills. The legislature’s decisions will shape the future of cannabis regulation in the state.

North Carolina General Assembly Legislative Building

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